With an enduring experience in the industry, Euro Ferry has capitalized on explosive market opportunities by executing three proven strategies:


Manufacturers are being selected across Italy to guarantee product quality and convenient export prices. Suppliers’ performance is constantly evaluated to ensure maximum satisfaction for clients. We do ensure:

Vendors are trained and coached on standards procedures based on individual customers’ business expectations, best methods and vendor’s compliance.

Fashion trends are being translated into improved products at advantageous prices.

Product is developed and cost hits customer’s target price in a timely and effective manner.

Strong relationships are maintained with local vendors to guarantee the product process and output – such as capacity, sample submissions, quality – are meeting customer’s standards.

Problems are solved as they arise.


We know each client is as diverse as the collection he wishes to create. We do customize our service upon client’s individual needs.


We have our fingers on the pulse of fashion. We are consistently researching new trends, materials and manufacturing innovations to ensure that we can provide our clients with the widest range of products they expect from us.

Euroferry Buying and Sourcing Agency Florence

Euroferry Buying and Sourcing Agency Florence