Italian manufacturers are known for producing high quality goods using superior materials and craftsmanship.
Securing quality is crucial but, there must be the proper ratio between quality and price in order to develop a successful product.

Italian manufacturers offer a wide assortment of collections with the flexibility to choose from a ready collection or to create a Private Label collection from clients technical packages.

Currently, design has become more interdisciplinary, open to all types of influences and consists of an unexpected mixture of past and future concepts. Our manufacturers together with our clients’ designers, along with our technical assistance and know-how, are able to create collections that are not just connected to seasonal trends, such as color and style, but that can last for years in the market as fashion icons. Their ability to mix fabrics, colors, develop new techniques and styles generates the finest, most beautiful and fancy collections transforming fashion into a form of contemporary art. Collections become contemporary masterpieces influencing lifestyles, trends and taste of people throughout the world.

“Fashion for a World We Want” is part of everything we touch, everything we do. The creativity of a designer is beyond the horizons of the infinite.

Euroferry Buying Sourcing Agency Florence

Euroferry Buying and Sourcing Agency Florence